Take nothing for Granted: Gratitude Mode

Jul 23, 2017 | Fashion

Sundays are a special day for my family and I. I feel like it is the one day where I manage to spend quality time with my parents. It usually starts with us going off to church in the same car; we seat in a row together at church, pray together, communion, ponder sometimes on the sermon and even gossip just a little bit. It had become our little ritual, my parents and I.

I think back now and smile at how silly I once was. I remember not going to church with my parents for a whole year and a half (MAYBE 2 YEARS). I found my own “church”. I felt I had outgrown going to church with them and it was time for me to do things my own way all by myself. My parents were distraught and kept asking me when I would come back. After a while,  I decided on a compromise. Sundays, I would go to church with them whilst week days I would attend my own church.

We went back to our little ritual, but this time it was different. I went with a thankful heart, grateful for time with family, for healthy parents that loved me. I even manage to crack a smile when dad asks questions such as  “Ezinne, don’t you think your trouser suit is in-appropraite for church”.

My mom hasn’t been feeling too good and we hadn’t gone to church together in a while. This morning, she made a bit of a miraculous recovery and we all went to church together. It was such a happy day and I was reminded once again that waking up healthy and strong is a huge luxury we should never take for granted.That in itself is a huge enough reason to be filled with praise and thanksgiving.

So off we went to church today, with a light heart and our special camaraderie. I came back beyond thankful and decided to write about how I FEEL!  Life is truly beautiful if we looked at things from a grateful angle! I firmly believe that there’s always a reason to be thankful. It is quite a huge nod in the direction of living a fulfilled life and helps keep us positive.

Have a blessed and positive week all!

…and remember to be thankful for the seemingly mundane details of life!


Ezinne Chinkata


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