The Art of Skilfully Manipulating Our Emotions Through Clothing

Jul 7, 2015 | Fashion, Inspirational

I have always been aware that Fashion/Clothing has a very strong impact on our emotions

In today’s post.. I will be expanding on how we can use Fashion as a tool for manipulating our emotions- in the right way of course..I shall use me as an example.

This morning, I was in super neutral cheer.. I wasn’t particularly in a bad mood, neither was I super motivated about anything.. Right up till I pulled out this White and Navy Lace dress by Dahlia, stocking at Zinkata.

Immediately I donned this creative juices kicked in.. I was “zinged”.. I felt lady-like and decided to style myself accordingly.. Hair slicked back..earrings..and all sorts of demure behavia were all mine.. and I totally relished the feeling.. I was excited about life.. ready to tackle my day full on.. brimming with gratitude and excitement.. Isn’t that pretty amazing???

Truly.. this is the power our appearance can have over us.. We can take this knowledge and manipulate our fashion choices to sort of guide us in the direction we want to take for that day..and win..

Here are some tips for using Fashion as a tool :

1. You feel super out of shape and not at your best body?: Pull out your most flattering cut and wear a waist cincher (Spanx) and your slinkiest shoes.. Make your voluptuous figure look it’s best..automatically you shall feel better about your body..

2. Having a dull skin period?? Pull out your most vibrant reds and oranges.. Bright lippy and bronzed faces.. and you would automatically glow aright.

3. Feeling not soo confident and have an important meeting: Pull out a mono tonal all black power look.. and start to walk the part of a “BOSS”

4. Broke and feeling down in the dumps? Pull out your crispest all white starched dress/shirt and look/project a million bucks..

5. Bloated, ill or feeling really out of sorts? Pull out an unfettered brilliant/vibrant  maxi in a breathable fabric and automatically feel cheery…

6. Have an important date(Romance)… “Dare I advise on this”?? I shall leave you to be the author of the outcome

We have so much control  over our feelings. We must stay positive and proactive..

Here are images of me in my ladylike white dress…

IMG_7927 IMG_7931 IMG_7960
IMG_7949 IMG_7954

Have a great day all!!



Ezinne Chinkata

White Lace Dress: Available at Zinkata


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