Feb 17, 2016 | Fashion

Currently, Nigeria is going through really desperate times, with the crash in oil prices, the all time low Naira, the shortage of readily available foreign currency and so much more…It certainly calls for a change in our spending habits as well as coming up with various coping mechanisms..

Today, I shall speak from a fashion perspective.

1. Spending: Curtail spending to only clothes you absolutely love and need.. Goodbye impulse buying, every piece purchased should be well thought out and planned for.

2. Quality over Quantity: Durable clothes go a long way.. I would say choose 1 0r 2 great quality pieces that would last a really long time in your wardrobe , as opposed to buying cheap alternatives that would most probably wear out after 3 washes.

3. Classics: Invest in more classics as opposed to trend driven pieces.Classics never date and can fit into any style with the right accessories..

4. Make smart choices: Buy clothes you can get multiple use out of.. Co-ords are great.. You can match them individually with different pieces and get much more out of them..

4. The 3 R’s: Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle.

Reduce : Buy only what you absolutely need.. In some cases, borrow instead of buying.. Say for example you are headed to a traditional wedding and need a gold scarf  for your outfit.. You most probably would wear this scarf just once.. you could borrow from a good friend, use and return.

Re-use: Gone are the days of , “oh no, I can’t repeat my dress to this other party”.. Wear your dress again please.. A frayed old t-shirt can eventually serve as a night-shirt.. or your maxi long black skirt can be shortened and used for work-wear..Be creative!

Re-cycle: Re-cycle old pieces..

A classic example of re-using/re-rocking old pieces from your wardrobe is the image below of me in Ankara pants.



I wore it earlier last year for my African Victorian themed partyClick here . See image below


L-R: Ezinne Chinkata and Uzoma Anumudu



More photos of me today in the same pants…

IMG_6484 IMG_6489 IMG_6499 IMG_6509 IMG_6514

Have a great evening!! and cheers to a fiscally responsible 2016!


Ezinne Chinkata

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