The Friday Column: Get Inspired by Salma’s Story

Apr 21, 2017 | Fashion, Shows

Last month, I stopped by the Labrioche restaurant VI, Lagos for a Media Brunch. It was an intimate and interactive session with the very beautiful talk show host, Salma Philips,aimed at formally introducing “The Salma show” to the media. Salma spoke passionately about her show, played short clips from the first season and answered all our questions articulately.

I had a quick and very inspiring chat with Salma. She told a tale of dogged determination,rejection and plodding along against all odds.  She is our Friday Colum for this week!

                      L-R: Salma Phillips and Ezinne Chinkata


Salma’s Background

Salma  is half Fulani (Borno State, Northern Nigeria) and half  Kalabari (Western Niger Delta, Rivers State,Nigeria) . She grew up in Jos,Plateau state (Northern Nigeria) and had a keen interest in Tv and media. “I really liked Femi Oke, but I felt she wasn’t really attainable at the time. Watching Funmi Iyanda on NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) seemed more attainable and it became a dream. I felt, I could do this”



The Salma Show

The Salma Show is a Northern infused lifestyle and informative show. Salma aims at doing something different, “There are hardly any Northern females on Tv”. Her show would educate women  on her culture, interview Northern personalities amongst others as well as being a voice representing Northern female empowerment


Salma’s Start-up Story

“I shot my first pilot in 2012, I sent it to the TV stations and they did not like it. I shot two more pilots a year after and was turned down again. I shot 6 more episodes in 2013 and was turned down once again. At that point I was absolutely done. My husband was very supportive and advised me to go ahead and study Media Broadcast. In 2013, I went to the BBC academy for a course on Media Broadcast”.


Trying again

Right after her course Salma came back to the scene. “I came back spurred on and shot 13 episodes. I took it back to the same Tv Station for the fourth time and it was a YES!”


What Salma did differently the fourth time round

“I infused my culture. It was personal so it was more authentic. I spoke about how I grew up. The BBC academy gave me more confidence and self-esteem. I believed in myself and had more faith in myself and you can see that through my episodes. The previous pilot, I wasn’t as comfortable and I wasn’t sure of myself, I kept doubting”.

Salma believes in gender equality and would love to see more ambitious Northern women on TV.


Lessons Salma Learnt

“I learnt to  never give up, never stop believing, never stop dreaming and to go after my dreams. It made me believe that the sky is not the limit, it made me believe in myself more”.

Salma at the Media Brunch


Salma’s Career high points so far

“BBC world contacted me to be a part of their 100 women who inspire. That was really great!  Another great one was the day I got an email from Africa Magic saying my show would show in 2016, it was an out of body experience.


Well done Salma!! and thanks for sharing your inspiring story!!


Click in next week for another great Friday Column!



Ezinne Chinkata


Contact Details:


Instagram: salma_phillips

Facebook: Salma Phillips



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