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Today’s column is on Gozel Green, a contemporary Nigerian based fashion label spear-headed by Identical twins, Olivia and Sylvia. In Nigeria, the fashion of the land leans more along the lines of vibrant prints, embellishments and other diverse details/styles; subconcious echoes of  our cultural nuances. Amidst all this,  Gozel Green’s pieces stand out in an intriguing fusion of contemporary and artistic leanings.

Also stocking at Zinkata, the Gozel Green brand is a hit in the store.They have built a strong and loyal group of die-hard fans.Here’s a little quick catch-up with the brilliant duo. Read below:

Ezinne Chinkata: How did you find your fashion voice?

Gozel Green: We were able to identify our point of view/ aesthetics and we focused on it. With God, consistency, passion, staying true to ourselves and of course the drive,  we found our voice. Never compete with anyone! Always be You!


E.C: Have you always wanted to be designers?

G.G: Growing up in an art-loving family with a Theatre artist dad and a fashion designer mum, somehow we knew one day, the passion would come knocking. Although we majored in THeatre Arts and Economics and Development studies respectively, we found fashion and designing as a hobby which of course eventually turned into a career.


Sylvia ad Olivia with Model, Uju Marshall, at the showing of their collection during the last concluded LFDW


E.C: How do you handle the separation of roles?

G.G:As twins, we have always done things together, right from childhood. So we believe it trained us on how to work amicably. Although we could come up with different ideas and inspirations, we always make it work because at the end of the day we have one goal. To succeed! It’s been fun all the way working together as blood and also as business partners.


EC: Fashion and Africa, how do they interrelate in your aesthetics?

G.G: We grew up in the eastern part of Nigeria, University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus. Enugu State where you find rich red soils and landscape. This has been a major inspiration as we always infuse our heritage into our designs. Africa is rich, so is our culture. We have to always work hard to preserve our own. Therefore, for every GozelGreen piece we always tell a story, most times the story told by our late dad who believed so much in our rich continent-Africa


E.C: Who is the Gozel Green Woman?

G.G: A Gozel Green woman is a trend-setter, youthful, vibrant, fearless, unique, always ready to try out news things and push boundaries. We always want our clients to feel, experience and most importantly be part of our story telling process infused in our garments.


To learn more about their design and style, visit their instagram page; @gozelgreen.

See photos below:



Ezinne Chinkata in a top and Culottes with threaded details by Gozel Green

IMG_7505 IMG_7529 IMG_7533 IMG_7560

Have an awesome weekend all!

Stop by Zinkata this weekend!!

Gozel Green Photo Credit: LFDW


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