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Mar 3, 2017 | Fashion, Look Book, Runway

This week’s feature is on Orange Culture;  a global fashion brand originating from Lagos, NigeriaOrange Culture has made huge strides both locally and internationally in such a short time span.With a loyal following of ardent fashion forward males  to the pages of all the major international glossies, showing at Pitti Uomo in Italy, getting to the finalist stage of the LVMH (Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennesey ) as well as so much more! They are certainly a brand to follow!

I caught up with Adebayo Oke-Lawal,  the  brand’s Creative Director  smack in the middle of really exciting times ; they were showing their AW17 collection at the London Fashion Week. Please read below.



1.Ezinne Chinkata: Hello Bayo. What does “Orange Culture” mean? Is it just a brand name you came up with?

Adebayo Oke-Lawal: It represents what the brand is about, a culture of individuality , uniqueness and that odd twist or quirk that makes our brand stand out . It is the culture of choosing to allow yourself be you without borders.


2. Ezinne Chinkata:You started off as a stylist? How did Design happen?

Adebayo Oke-Lawal: I always knew I was going to design – definitely didn’t know I was going to style lol. I like to try things out and use them as avenues to network – that’s how styling happened.


3. Ezinne Chinkata:You have a very unique and interactive social media presence. What drives your communication style?

Adebayo Oke-Lawal: Thank you! The beauty in a wonderful relationship with your customer base. We like to make our customers feel like we are their best friends – so they can speak to us directly at anytime and understand what we are up to.


4. E.C: You seem to have made great in-roads in the global scene. How did you manage this feat? Do you have a PR agency?

A.O.L: I had one once but TBH it’s been platforms like Lagos fashion and design week that have really helped highlight me to a lot of international press and also the fact that we invest a lot in ensuring the brand is noticed and is in consistent conversations with the global audience

orange 1

Model walking the runway in Orange Culture at LFDW 2016


5. E.C : I absolutely love your latest collection by the way! Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it.

A.O.L: It’s basically inspired by the idea that you have to be broken to become beautiful – lookbook out soon and you’d be able to read more


Models in Orange Cultiure’s AW17 Collection at the London Fashion Week


6. E.C: How was your experience showing at LFW?

A.O.L:It was shockingly positive . Haha . Didn’t expect the feedback


7. E.C: Classic or Eclectic? Which of these does your design language lean towards?

A.O.L: Eclectic


Orange Culture Aw17  Collection at London Fashion Week



8. E.C: Your collection is quite alternative?How Do you handle non-complimentary opinions?

A.O.L: I honestly don’t read them . I take opinions from people I think know their onions in the industry only and from customers who have invested in the brand .

orange 2

Orange Culture: LFDW 2016


9. E.C:How do you maintain the balance between fashion design just as a means of creative expression and running a viable fashion business.

A.O.L: I’m learning how to do that daily . Once I grasp this I will get back to you, lol.


10. E.C:What is your biggest wish for 2017?

A.O.L: More stores and investors


11. E.C: Thanks Bayo, any advice for the budding creative?
A.O.L: Just be ready to sacrifice everything




Orange Culture: Instagram:  @orangecultureng       Website:


Photo Credits:

Heineken LFDW2016 – Day 4 – Orange Culture

Instagram: @orangecultureng

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