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….Hello all.. I trust you are all having a fantastic Sunday so far.. If you are not?? then you are in dire need of the message I am about to pass on.. Yay!!!


I believe gratitude unlocks all barriers.. The truth of it is.. most wise words are available to us freely.. but we read them and cast them off and wallow in the challenges we are facing.. If we took a minute to regurgitate all the words out there..or even meditate on them slightly.. so many things would be much easier..

Ok..Lets begin.. As usual.. I will take me as an example..

I have so many things I need to achieve.. so many fancy dreams.. so many targets.. I want so hard.. I work so hard… I am so obsessed with where I want to go..that I forget to stop and dwell on how far I have already come..or even sit still and be thankful for being alive to want much more…

…. I shall give you a couple of examples to highlight how badly an ungrateful existence can sap off all the juice from living..

Ezinne was never grateful…

2/3 years ago.. I was nominated as “BEST FASHION WRITER” by the FAB Awards.. An award I eventually won.. Throughout till I eventually won.. I was super ungrateful about the award.. I moaned to a really good friend.. “that I did not understand why they nominated me for best-writer instead of nominating me in the “BEST STYLIST‘ category”..I was super unhappy about this..i was morbidly tormented..(I can’t explain the depth of my dissatisfaction ) and received the award with a really lacklustre spirit..

How I should have been: Gee else??.. “To Be thankful of course”.. celebrate that my efforts are being applauded.. be grateful to God for talent.. Thank the universe that I am at least applauded for something and continue in my merry way.. Thankful to the organisation and just generally be really happy.. As opposed to being perpetually dissatisfied and constantly searching for something else..


Once you are super grateful and thankful..everything else falls into place.. It shall..because “gratitude ignites a positive spirit.. Positivity ignites joy and peace.. Joy and peace attracts progressive productivity.. which eventually ends in resounding success”

I shall try to elaborate further… Imagine this…

“You wake up in the morning.. tired.. and groggy.. rather than dwelling on that.. you smile and be thankful for waking up.. thankful for air..thankful for life and existence.. Say a deep heartfelt prayer of thanks.. Smile and love the world you live in.. and bound out of bed with a grateful happy heart.. All will go really well.. irrespective of the twists and turns of the day.. you would be able to find positivity in every situation.. and look at things though rose tinted glasses..

I also find that a major deterrent from living a life filled with gratitude is constantly comparing ourselves to other people.. LIVE A GRATEFUL LIFE WITH YOUR EYES SET FIRMLY ON YOUR OWN GOAL.. Please do not be distracted or affected by what’s going on in another’s life..

…. To be quite honest.. we may or may not achieve all we want.. that however is not a measure of our success.. Success really is living a fulfilled life.. A fulfilled life is a life filled with gratitude.. We measure success based on how much we’ve achieved.. even if we achieve all we want and we are still not super grateful or satisfied.. we are obviously not successful..

Waking up grateful, happy and positive is as successful as it gets..

“Success is as successful as you feel”…

Yes.. say for have a billion dollars..and you badly want a’s eating you up so are super upset it hasn’t happened yet.. you are working soooo hard at it..Yet everyone else is gushing at how successful you are..but you don’t feel fulfilled.. I really doubt you feel successful…In-ordinately you are super un-successful because you can’t see the Success in your existence.. Success should not be effected by other people’s opinion.. rather by living a fulfilled life; a by-blow of gratitude..

Goals are super necessary..Ambition is all well and good..but while we are chasing it grateful for the little milestones and rejoice in your existence.



Also Graitide begets Success.. If say for example, you absolutely hate your job and want something better.. and you keep moaning about your job and are totally disconsolate.. you most likely wouldn’t move to the next level.. Your dis-satisfaction is like a septic seeps into your chi and clouds you with a mask of negative energy.. everyone around you senses it.. as well as your boss.. You certainly shan’t be winning staff of the month anytime soon…

What about trying this instead?? Picture the scenario below:

You don’t really like your job.. but you are grateful you have your job and tackle it with gusto and passion.. you shall strive at that job and it would certainly be easier to move to the next level and get another job..

I can go on and on and on…

Another example.. You are a shoe-shiner.. You don’t actually love the job.. You want so much more.. But you are absolutely grateful for life and the job you have at the moment.. you tackle it with all you have..You shall stand out as a shoe-shiner ..excel at the role.. attract success and be able to progress to whatever you deeply want. Also gratitude sparks off creativity..Creative solutions shall come to you handily..

…there is so much Gratitude solves..

I am super grateful for having the capacity to put my thoughts to words and to communicate my thoughts  to you all..

I shall part with another thought that came to me..

Gratitude ensures a successful existence.. but true success only comes by living a life aligned right with your maker..

You are successful (materially) are grateful..yet you live a worthless life in your actions.. In my opinion, that is not really success..

A worthy life is a successful one.. Worthy a life lived right..

A poor man is successful if in his poverty he lives a worthy life..


Have a grateful Sunday all..



Ezinne Chinkata



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