Aug 27, 2015 | Fashion

Life can be a constant flurry of work, work and more work.. Setting goals, targets and trying the hardest to stay focused. A deep and heartfelt analysis led to a glaring realisation… Save for hurried “good-mornings, good-nights..and occasional CHATS, I live in the same house as my parents and hardly  see them.. The same goes for my nuclear and extended families as well as close friends .

How do I feel about this?? Totally disheartened…While it is  quite a good idea to be focused on work,  trying hard to hit targets and staying consistent in the work game.. Your relationship with loved ones is equally as important.. to be honest, even more important.. Our relationship with our loved ones and the joy and contentment it brings would probably leave more lasting/fulfilling memories than the acquisition of the biggest business merger.. To be quite fair, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.. but the latter (family and loved ones) should not be neglected.. not in the least…

I came to this conclusion about 3 months ago.. “that I had to stop and breathe… stop and bond with my family.. stop and smell the roses”… Yet, knowing you need to do this and actually getting it done is another thing.. The truth is..


Work would never be absolutely finished/ done.. We have to decide on how to maintain a healthy life and work balance.. Different approaches work for different people.. However, for the most part, people have certain times in the day where they totally switch off and dedicate solely to family and “bonding”.. I am still trying to figure out what works best for me, so not the best person to advise on how to maintain a healthy work and life balance..

However, I am here to remind you that quality time with loved ones  is extremely important.. you should never disregard this or take it for granted.. I am also trying real hard not to err on the side of “morbidity”..but please bear in mind that we shall not be here (in the world ) forever.. and if a loved one passes away..we are left with regrets, wishes..and words such as;

if only I could turn back time and have one more month..I would take a break from work and spend all the time with….”

Recently, I stopped wishing and promising myself to spend more time and actually took the bull by the horns.. I invited my mom and my darling Aunt Nene (mom’s sister) to a church service in the morning on a weekday and then breakfast at Bogobori afterwards.. It was such a mundane outing but was filled with so much joy and laughter .. We chatted..we caught up and we bonded.. and felt much closer.. The good feeling lasted through the week and sort of orchestrated even more intimate moments with family…



Clara Chinkata(Ezinne’s mom), Ezinne Chinkata, Stella Wogu (Ezinne”s Aunt)



Start now!!! Re-kindle the ebbing glows…


Ezinne Chinkata


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