Jul 2, 2015 | Fashion

Some of the most INTRIGUING pieces in my wardrobe are mostly the Vintage items..Vintage pieces pack a really fascinating punch.. and they never ever date..

I remember when I went through a phase where almost every single piece in my wardrobe looked like “you were stepping out of a 1920’s movie.. I was living in a time wrap.. My dearest mom wss soo worried.. I was “soooo inspired“..LOL

I grew obsessions varied/watered down but I still have a major love for Vintage pieces and have sort of come up with the best way for wearing vintage pieces AT A TIME SUCH AS NOW…

It is really fairly simple..


In todays post.. I am wearing a vibrant floral Vintage Jumpsuit.. It must be from the early 80″s or at the most.. probably very late 70’s.. I love the cinched in waist and boxy shoulders and matched them with a colourful leather Vintage bag and 80’s sunglasses..In my wasn’t quite a hardcore Vintage look..

..but it could be..If I had teamed it with dark red brogues or flat vintage inspired shoes..Then.. It totally crosses the line ..still cute..but more “time-wrapped“.

I opted for Blue Pumas instead.They sort of automatically added a modern vibe to my outfit.. Sporty shoes are the most “modern” fashion item of the hour.. and they automatically gave my outfit an “on-trend” vibe.


IMG_7454 IMG_7455 IMG_7458 IMG_7459 IMG_7477 IMG_7484 IMG_7490


Vintage pieces have the added advantage of being exclusively yours (you would probably be the only one with that one particular piece).. Team them with modern accessories and be totally your own fashion “BOSS”!

Have a great Thursday all…

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Zinkata: +234 9090404886


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