The Working Girl’s Guide to Wearing Ankara Prints to Work

Aug 17, 2018 | Fashion

How would it be if we lived in a Nigeria where every individual in the country loved each other and also loved being African,  embracing our cultures and traditions passionately. This is well on the way and I see us all increasingly embracing all the unique traits that make us black. Once we embrace us boldly, we can then move forward and make the change we want to see! Change comes first from respecting what we stand for.

To this end, I toyed with the idea of wearing Ankara to work. Ankara is our traditional attire after all and we should explore it being utilised in a more professional way. If you were to wear Ankara to the work place how would you wear it? I came up with a little project and it was about creating work wear using Ankara. I decided to use the best and most authentic Ankara out there and headed to the Vlisco office in Ikeja CityMall, Lagos.

It was quite a tough call to pick out what fabric to use for work wear from all the colourful prints out there. I opted for a green and yellow print with a bit of a simple design made up of repetitive lines. I believed it would do quite perfectly for a gorgeous skirt suit.

Here are my 4 tips for wearing Ankara fashion to the work place:

  1. Keep the Ankara fabric  design quite classic with more stripes or simple floral designs.
  2. Make sure the design maintains a professional silhouette. No bells and whistles. I firmly suggest no over the top additional fabric and dramatic contrasts.
  3. Keep your accessories complimentary and style it with a practiced smooth eye
  4. Wear it boldly with confidence and pride. You are a gorgeous, phenomenal woman and daring to wear Ankara prints to work and projecting the cultures and traditions of Nigeria should make you proud!

The really talented Nigerian designer, Mo Agusto transformed my fabric  into a swing jacket with Bold lapels and a pencil midi skirt. Quite an intentionally stark design but perfect with the vibrant Vlisco print. I absolutely loved it and felt really chic and professional wearing this outfit. I styled the entire look with matching green pumps and a yellow bag by Nigerian designer Zashadu.

I shot it against the busy Marina streets with the award winning photographer Kola Oshalusi. I imagined myself as a strong, smart, independent woman of the world, making a huge impact in the policies of Nigeria, creating a better nation for our future generations and proudly projecting my heritage while at it.

I shall be the change I want to see! and so should you!

It’s also my birthday today! I am super excited and grateful and so thankful!! Have a blessed day all!

See photos below:


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