Mar 2, 2015 | Fashion, Inspirational, Musings

Hello darlings… How is your day shaping up???  I had another “Aha” moment a while ago.. and this thought kept resounding quite relentlessly in my head..


The other day while surfing online, I came across a page on Instagram.. It was a middle-aged African man writing in French.. he was a very ardent Instagram user.. Constantly uploading images of food..They were very stark  pictures of roasted plantain and charred black fish in a plate with Palm oil smeared on it.. With the same captions for the different images.. “food is ready..❤️❤️❤️”..

He went on with various food posts, consistently  projecting his culture and traditions and the state of his mind and his reality.. All done proudly and without guile.. I was intrigued.. I kept going through his pages with a deep humbling respect ..

I would first I smirked at his images… I thought them primitive and uninspiring..Still they kept me on his page and I kept clicking.. His page had a certain stark appeal to it. it was his reality.. it was ART..This man was refreshingly original.. And consistent in his path, beliefs, culture and passions.. It stood out.. He was very proud of his culture, his “Africaness“, his different food and traditions.. and he projected it excitedly, consistently and proudly.. Confident, Original and dignified..

And it became crystal clear to me…”There is dignity in Originality”..

At first, there may be ridicule.. but if it’s constant and true in it’s raw form.. confident and unwavering in it’s own path.. it shall eventually be respected and accepted..

So my darling Zinkata readers.. I leave you with my own “original pictures”.. borne out of my style and my persona…

IMG_1952 IMG_1955 IMG_1951 IMG_1949 IMG_1944 IMG_1939 IMG_1936 IMG_1928

Have a relentlessly original Week!!!



Ezinne Chinkata



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