Is there such a thing as “Fashion Etiquette?

Aug 15, 2017 | Fashion

Fashion Etiquette? For lack of a better word.. This evening’s post is a light hearted one. Still I would love to hear your thoughts.

It was at a wedding. There I was, happy for the newly married couple whilst pondering on life’s rosy details such as what colour of shoes I would wear on my wedding day or whether I shall opt for a Boat Neck as opposed to a Sweetheart neckline.. Maybe Boat-Neck, I don’t think I am quite a Sweetheart neckline sort of girl…who knows, I just may be in really “sweet” form on my wedding day. But that my darling readers is another discussion.

So yes, there I was, in a dreamy muse as I ambled slowly to the dance floor to get a better view of the beautiful couple. Then a lady came up to me, and said: “Ehe, Thank God, I have been looking for you since,” in really loud tones. “Your outfit, this your outfit, where did you sew it?,” while gesticulating quite ardently at my lace Pants and Top set. Me, “Err,I actually didn’t make it, I bought it off the rack of a Nigerian Designer’s studio, her name is Ituen Basi. She goes, “Oh really, wow, so they didn’t sew it? So you just bought it off the rack? Where is her place, is it in Lagos. Does she have more?”.

At this point I was keeping  up nicely with her rapid fire questions. One thing was clear, she really dug my outfit and wanted details of where I got it. “I could handle that!”, Just as I was about to answer all her questions, she went in for the kill , “HOW MUCH WAS IT?”.

I looked at her, smiled really slowly and said, “I can give you the number of her studio and you can go check out her pieces”. Young lady wasn’t having it, she goes, “Oh you don’t want to tell me how much you bought it? You don’t like to say price?”, To which I gently replied, “I can give you their number.”

Oh well, it is safe to say it didn’t end really well. She well, sort of kind of went off in a huff , to my deep consternation.

and then the feelings of guilt set in:

I thought, “Oh dear Ezinne, get over yourself. You are way too uptight, you should have just told her how much you bought your outfit, given her the details of the designer and went on your merry way”, but then again I also considered this,

“I felt really weird discussing how much I bought my outfit for with a total stranger”. Isn’t that a bit of a forward question?. Is there such a thing as “Fashion Etiquette” or Social Etiquette? Things you should and should not ask someone at a first meeting?

What are your thoughts on this guys? I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts.

Yours ever so repentant,

Ezinne Chinkata




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