This Week’s Mantra: “KEEP IT SIMPLE”

Sep 21, 2015 | Fashion

Keeping it “simple” here isn’t referring to our sartorial choices..It is about taking things easy and carrying on regardless of how tough life may seem ..or how complicated it may feel..Simply put; We are destined for greatness..and we shall eventually get there..simply by believing with all our hearts and steadily working towards it..

It really is that simple

“Simple” is not necessarily the easiest route..It is however the most straightforward one.. HOW DO YOU ACE A PROJECT? A very simple answer: “HARDWORK“.. Not by panicking, doubting or sitting around worrying. A simple solution is to put in the work.We stop acting simply when we: Worry / Doubt incessantly or complicate issues.

In the photos below, my outfit is quite “simple”..LOL :

Cobalt blue Vintage Dress x Cobalt Blue Sneakers = A nice Mono-tonal fashion moment. Fusing the two blues together was quite an obvious and simple choice. I would like to believe it worked out quite well.






This week..let us go about our activities with a lighthearted spirit.. focusing on  work, not stressing and believing that all will work out eventually.  IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE!..



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