Three things To Consider Before Purchasing A new garment

Mar 27, 2019 | Fashion

About to splurge on that new outfit?, then this article is for you.

Three things To consider before purchasing a new garment

1. Is it a passing trend, or will I be able to wear it in 5 years time? It’s always a great move to purchase wisely with a general idea of what stands as timeless classics.
2. Is it multifunctional? If off the top of my head, I can’t think of 3 places to wear it to, then it’s a No-No. Whatever we purchase should be able to fit into our lifestyle and places or events we go for.
3. Budget: Does the price of the garment align with my budget for an outfit? If it’s an impulsive buy, then the bigger question will be; does this purchase keep me well in my budget for the month? Is it good value for money?

In the photo above, I am dressed in a top by @abaya_lagos. I wore it quite a while ago for the Elite model look Nigeria . I wore it again yesterday styled differently for a busy day of meetings.
I dare say it was a great buy! Stop by Zinkata and let us guide you slowly through the best choices for you.


Ezinne Chinkata

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