Throwing it back to Saturday: Eugoh’s 40th Birthday!

Jun 16, 2017 | Fashion

Last week Saturday was such an amazing one for my family and I. We were in London, celebrating with my darling sister, Ugochi Omonode (Eugoh) at her 40th birthday celebrations. It was such a fun event, one of those you know stays engraved in your mind for like forever..Great memories are made from these! I am really thankful we all had the oppportunity to have such happy moments.

I shall share a few of the fun photos with you..

Eugoh changed twice for her birthday celebrations.. In true fabulous fashion..

  1. Anyone who knows my darling Eugoh knows this: Even though she resides in the United Kingdom, she stays well abreast on all things Nigerian and is a consummate purveyor of “BUY NIGERIA”. Whilst consulting with her on what she would wear, her biggest wish was to wear a  piece by a Nigerian designer. Her first look was by Lisa Folawiyo Studios. It was an intricate hand-beaded long dress with fun pom-pom details on the sleeves. It was the perfect dress for Eugoh. In the one hand it stood out and glowed really prettily, it also had fun quirky details to match her personality perfectly.
  2. Her second dress was A sexy Red dress to end the night in fiery fashion

It was a real heartwarming experience to see her share this special day with family and friends.

I love this photo of my sisters and I below: Chioma is also wearing a dress by Jewel by Lisa, whilst I had a dress made for me by House of maufechi using Vlisco fashion. I particularly love the complimentary prints! It was such a pretty and cohesive fusion!

It’s never a full night without me hanging for a bit with my favourite people! my darling mom and DAD!

Mr & Mrs Chinkata


There were great speeches by so many people including yours truly! I however found Obage Omonode’s speech (Eugoh’s husband) so heart warming and amazing!

Obage Omonode regaling us with hilarious tales of his darling wife


More photos!!

L-R: Ineh, Ugochi, Chioma, Alero and Ezinne

L-R: Ezinne Chinkata, Fred Eze, Ugochi Omonode, Chioma Frederick Eze and Clara Chinkata


Fred Eze, Chioma Frederick Eze and Clara Chinkata

I love the photo below. The celebrant is flanked by her secondary school friends. (FGGC OWERRI)


L-R:Obinna Chinkata, Chioma Frederick-Eze and Kenneth Nwankwo

L-R: Zuky, Ugochi and Chika 

Justina, Brenda, Nneka, Abby, iwa, Uche

Modupe and Ugochi

L-R: Sarah, Ugochi, William

L-R: Abby, Ugochi and Nneka

The Younguns’ had an amazing time too!

Muna, Yore and Kanyie

Nnenna Kalu and Ezinne

Ify Anningo and Ezinne Chinkata


Happy birthday Eugoh!


Ezinne Chinkata

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