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Nov 28, 2014 | Fashion

Hello Fabulous people…

Friday the 28th.. The days are fast galloping into Christmas…

I made a pact with you all to have the best christmas of my life this year.. and wished you all to do the same..How are we all going with that?? I have a bit of a tip for you all.. Sometimes we are disconsolate during the holidays/we can’t fully unwind and be blissfully at bliss because we have deadlines and unfinished business smamring like a rustled hive of bees in our stomachs…

So..Let us work doubly hard on the days leading up to christmas and unwind in reckless abandon during the holidays… Start now..Do it..start it..Finsish it…I am on mine as well.. Best holiday season ever loading..

Unto more sartorial matters.. Doesn’t it feel right sometimes to don your own version of traditional attire on Fridays.. On a more reckless and rebellious day.. I find it quite cliche.. But on some days.. when my heart is all mellow and I welcome the conformist in me.. I wear my traditional pieces with a bright spring to my step and celebrate continent Africa..

Today is one of  those days.. I am wearing a multifunctional Ankara dress that stocks in the store from a South African designer called Youmewe.. It can be styled in 10 different ways. I have worn it in different ways on this platform.. I wore it in a different print and styled it differently on day 2 of the LFDW..

IMG_8494 IMG_8536 IMG_8545

The lush pink coat  is by Ukulele! Obsessed!!!

The key is embracing your Ankara pieces In fun ways.. Find your individual fashion…




Ezinne Chinkata

Photography: Kola Oshalusi



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