Tuesday’s best article: Professional brand building

Apr 11, 2017 | Fashion

Last week Saturday, I was asked to speak at a Master class on Creative Direction. As part of my presentation, I was required to cover “Professional Brand Building“.

It was an interesting topic and got me quite introspective. I thought about the Zinkata brand and where we are currently positioned; “I believe the Zinkata brand is certainly still work in progress, however the one thing I think has helped us resound in people’s minds is  “Consistently towing our own lane and projecting it staunchly”.

I shall elaborate:  In whatever area you decide to carve a niche for yourself, you have to identify your brand’s voice(personality). Once you’ve done that, own it whole-heartedly and consistently project it. With time, it makes an impact and resounds in people’s minds and they are able to identify what your brand stands for.

It’s a basic rule and works across different parameters:

  • A style Icon is identified as such because he or she has consistently projected a certain style personality successfully and is now recognised clearly with this
  • A fashion brand’s aesthetic is clearly defined with time after they have consistently put out 3 or 4 collections with an underlying signature
  • A music star is identified with a certain style of music and genre after she has consistently released 3 or more albums with a recurring style.

We have to keep pushing, even when it seems like we are not making any progress. Keep at it, stick to your voice, keep improving and you are well on your way to becoming a notable brand!  So help us Lord!

In today’s post, I am pictured wearing pieces by brands stocking at Zinkata. My shift dress is by Gozel Green; a Nigerian fashion brand that has built quite a name for themselves with their signature bright colours and unusual silhouettes. The clutch and shoes are handmade and are by Dot fashion, a hand made accessories designer stocking at Zinkata.

See photos below.





Have a great Tuesday all!!


Ezinne Chinkata


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