Very important: Please read and be extra vigilant!!

Jun 2, 2016 | Fashion

Fashion is a blissful diversion we love to immerse ourselves in at Zinkata. Yet, we are  very aware of the trying times we face as a Nation and the various happenings around the world (Global Stage).From political unrests to religious disturbia. There is indeed a great need to be very diligent, cautious and observant as you go about your various activities.

Two days ago, I had a meeting to attend in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, for  2pm. I drove myself to the location, parked at the side of a relatively busy road and was about to dis-embark. Suddenly, a very decent looking young man walks up to the side of my window and caught my attention. He was light skinned and super good-looking (Yes I noticed) and he looked earnest and super agitated. I wound down my car window and the conversation ensued as follows:

” Excuse me ma’am, I urgently need your help. My wife is in labor and down the road. I need to take her to the hospital immediately. She is literally almost dropping and I am desperate.

Me: “Where is your wife?”

Young man: “She is over there”, he points anxiously, “can you help me please, will you take her to the hospital? I am desperate, I don’t have any money on me, they just called me from the site, I am an engineer”.

Me: “Why don’t  you have money on you ?” and then I decided it was a bit of a callous question. “I raised my voice and very strictly said to him, “Take me to your wife”.

Young Man: “Will you help me?? Can you take her to the hospital?”He made a move like he would go in the car with me. “Or can you give me money to transport her to the hospital please. She is literally about to have the baby”

Me: Frustrated at this point. I said to him, “lead the way to your wife”, still in very loud notes.

Young man: “Ah, stop shouting at me. How can you be screaming at a man in need. Can’t you be helpful??”, and as he raised his voice, he looked very angry, hopped on the motorbike and drove off.

Then the penny dropped.. I actually did not realise he was a criminal or it was some sort of scam. I raised my voice as I felt it was an urgent situation and I needed him to stop dilly dallying and take me to his wife as soon as he could… He on the other hand may have been thrown by me insisting he took me to her. He probably hoped I would give him some money.. and wasn’t ready for the turn the conversation took..

Still sitting in my car;  I developed the shakes and literally shook in terror.. It could have gone so wrong. He chose the one topic that would get any young lady’s attention. “The thought of a hapless woman lying somewhere in labour”.

A. What if he had somehow talked himself into getting into my car and I had driven off to God knows where with him..

B. What if as I had suggested, he led me to his wife and I drove behind the motorbike or to wherever he would have led me to.. I can’t bear to explore the thought..

c. What if.. he was armed?

I have thought it all through and come to a very painful conclusion. We have to be very wary of strangers.

It is such a dangerous place.. the world is. and we should always say a prayer for protection and be very vigilant!

Have a great night’s rest all!
Stay safe and Blessed!


Ezinne Chinkata


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