Walking A thin fine line…

Dec 7, 2015 | Fashion


…It is too short???

…Is this sending the right message??

….Is it too skimpy??

….What is your motive…?? What does this outfit project…


To be quite honest.. Sometimes.. I have no clear-cut answers.. Mostly I go with my gut-instict… and what is comfortable.. However.. I believe these questions also come up as a result of my faith..”As a practicing Christian.. I am constantly battling projecting the right image whilst balancing my love for fashion and expressing myself..

So.. the question would be?? When is it wrong?? What is the yard-stick?? What is your definition of skimpy?? What is your definition of in-decent??

I would love to hear from you…


In today’s  outfit.. I layered a light coat over a cropped-top and skirt.. There is quite an expanse of stomach/mid-riff showing.. However, I felt super comfortable ..and didn’t feel like I was indecently clad… See photos below..



IMG_3714 IMG_3721 IMG_3692


What are your thoughts??

What is the right balance??


Ezinne Chinkata

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