Jan 22, 2015 | Fashion

Does this scenario resound with any of us??

“You visit a store and there’s this really amazing dress on the rack.. you are super obsessed..it is in your size, the colour complements your skin tone and the cut feels like it was made just for you.. But..it is a little bit too short”

My suggestions would be, worry not about the length and go right ahead and purchase it.. If it fits that amazingly and you are so affected by it.. then you should totally own it and be creative about making it work for you. It really is as simple as that..

A classic example of this scenario would be me in the outfit below..



My dearest sister got me this beautiful sequinned shift dress from Aftershock. I absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to wear it!! On a certain beautiful day in December, I whipped it out to be worn and it felt just a little bit too short.. I made a snap decision and decided to wear something underneath it.. Quite an obvious solution!!!

I teamed it with a nice skirt in my wardrobe and put a belt over it.. It was still a short outfit but felt miles more comfortable..


This can be applied in different ways to the pieces in our wardrobes that get no wear for one reason or the other.. We have to think of creative ways of making them wearable and getting much more wear out of them.

You could:

  1. Wear pants under the too short dress and throw a belt(optional) over the entire ensemble
  2. Wear a cape/Kaftan or a long jacket over the dress for a chic and not too skimpy look.
  3. Team the dress with a really sleek pencil skirt or a pretty flared midi
  4. Take it to the tailors and maybe add a cute frothy fabric to the dress.. or amend according to the style of the dress
  5. Wear it as a top and tuck it into a flattering piece..


We should totally get the best out of all the pieces in our wardrobes.. I was super glad in my reworked outfit and wore it quite gladly to the African Magic viewers Choice nominness announcement party…

L-R; Dimeji Alara and Fifemayo Aiyesimoju

L-R; Dimeji Alara and Fifemayo Aiyesimoju



Impossible is nothing… Wear whatever pleases you.. Make it work for you…


Have an amazing rest of the week and stay happy!!!



Ezinne Chinkata


Photography: Kola Oshalusi

Dress: After Shock

Skirt: & other stories

Sunglasses: Christian Dior

Shoes: Hobs

Clutch: Zasahdu




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