Wearing your Sunday Best to Church: Fad, Necessary or Wrong?

Aug 4, 2017 | Fashion

I have a little confession.. Confession time.. “drum rolls”…”Sometimes, I spend  a little (quite a bit of time), picking out what to wear to church.”What’s the big deal, you may ask.Why is it a confession”?It is because I feel slightly guilty about it sometimes.

We are off to worship right? and should really not care about “vain subjects” such as “Fashion”. But I do! In fairness to me, getting dressed to church has become quite a reflexive action. Largely because, for the most part of my childhood and adult life,my parents ensured we wore our “Sunday bests” to church. I suppose my parents saw it as a sign of reverence to the Lord.

What are your thoughts?I have thought about it quite well and I have come to a conclusion. Please read below:

“When I get dressed up for church, I honestly do not do so in a bid to show off. It just feels really good to put on my “sunday best” and head to church, sit down and assimilate an awesome sermon in the presence of the Lord. The process of styling my pieces into my own special version of “church wear” is quite fun as well!

What are your thoughts guys? Do you have your Sunday outfit already planned out?

I do!!

This coming Sunday, I shall be wearing the dress pictured above by The Lady Maker, it is currently stocking at Zinkata. I shall share photos with you on Sunday! Can’t wait!  It would be such fun!I would also share a quote from the sermon.


I ask again! What are you wearing to church this Sunday?

Please share!


Ezinne Chinkata

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