What I learnt from the Linda Ikeji Debacle…

Mar 14, 2015 | Fashion

Did anyone read my previous post with the outfit below??http://www.zinkata.com/my-weekend-in-print07032015/I suppose it is safe to say things got pretty exciting..


 Linda Ikeji put the pictures up on her website, and they rest they say is a can of putrid worms…It became quite an internet sensation and I became the recipient of various sentiments and opinions.. many negative and some very positive.. I shall dwell on the positives..

I am not here to complain about the blogs and why they sensationalised my images.. Everyone has a fair right to earn a living how they deem it right. I am only here to share the lessons I learnt from it..

What matters really is the confidence instilled in you..based on a deep self love and an assurance of your capabilities..In life, we live to be exactly who God made us to be.. To be exactly what we understand and know as right..To live unafraid, but stand strongly, believing in whom we are and in what direction we are headed.

Living unafraid on the straight and narrow..with a burning passion and a confident spirit..

This my darling Zinkata readers should be how we handle life’s situations.


Once you are passionate, relentless, fearless and dogged in your pursuits.. things would certainly get turbulent once in a while.. How you handle the turbulence, is a true measure of your substance…

Also, internet trawling is a certain kind of bullying.. Bullies are cowards.. Do not heed their words..keep your dignity intact..


How did I handle the Linda Ikeji debacle and the other websites and all sorts of memes thrown at me`? I shall summarise it all below..and hope we shall all draw strength from my actions..

1. I read only a few of the comments: In an ideal world, I would say do not read any comments about you..but we are all human and sometimes our curiosity gets the best of us.. Read them with a light heart…Do not take anything written personally… Nothing they say about you matters..NOT ONE THING.. and nothing they say is true..or a measure of your self worth..

2. I did not comment: Not even once did I respond to any of the comments. Parrying words with commenters only drags you down and aggravates things further. Keep your dignity and proceed with your life.. Peacefully.. Defending yourself to them or anyone else is not your priority…As I said, what they say does not matter..so what they think should not either.. neither should you waste your breath/energy trying to make them change their minds..

3. Try to Realign my life based on their comments: Do not try to prove a point by your follow on actions..I never tried to question myself or change my ideals to suit their expectations..Do not try to tailor  your follow-on actions based on what they said.. Or try to carry out follow on actions to diffuse their comments.. All the comments made are not a reflection of who you are.

4. Waste a minute thinking about them: Your goals and ambitions should be your utmost priority. Do not lose sleep over the situation. BE POSITIVE… and believe strongly..that all this would end very well eventually.. It actually would!! Everything shall work together for your good eventually.. So smile at the current situation..

5. Love: Do not harbour any hate.. Do not get mad.. Love everyone.. Love the random ones that write on your wall airing their un-solicited views.. Love the bloggers sensationalising you. Love the hate comments.. Love everybody.. Once you let go of any negative energy, you are free of their comments and you can proceed with your life, just as it was before the mania…

6. Show up: Show up, turn up and continue with your life..

I thought deep and hard and I realised that, most times when we are destined for big things.. or when we are truly special.. The world would not always accept our views.. The biggest skill or attribute each human needs, is the ability to grow a thick skin and learn to handle controversial circumstances… Playing safe would never be outstanding.. Daring to be yourself regardless..is all we dream for..

I am bold.. I am passionate.. I am strong.. I have deep convictions. I have different  ideas and opinions.. I am not afraid to express them.. Would I be a recipient of this again?? Most probably.. Would it stop me from carrying on??? NO…


Stay strong, Stay Happy, Stay Unfazed and keep the fire burning..

Have a super weekend all…


and keep clicking in for amazing fashion tips!!!



Ezinne Chinkata


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