What is your personal style??

Feb 17, 2015 | Fashion

“Over-thinking” is an unhealthy habit..but I suppose we can’t always avoid it…For some, over thinking stems from very noble causes.. such as.. thinking up ways to save the world, foster world peace..reduce carbon emissions.. or even much deeper issues…I promise I have these thoughts as well.. however, today’s thoughts stem from lighter topics…

My outfit choice for the day spiralled me into a deep vortex of sartorial pondering.. Not that I can say there was anything wrong with my choice.. At least not from my point of view..I picked out a Dark Red Vintage Maxi I have had for a mighty long time.. I teamed this with an Ankara head wrap, matching coloured shoes from Bertie and a print Missoni bag… and Vintage Christian Dior Shades


IMG_0856 IMG_0860

IMG_0863 IMG_0867 IMG_0875

My outfit choice came very naturally and I felt super comfy in it.. Then I began to wonder.. what style would I call this?? What is this style I usually gravitate towards?? It sort of got me destabilised.. I didn’t have a ready answer…In my head, I know exactly what I like, but struggle to define it..

In another vein, I often hear people saying..”oh you have to have a style..or it means you have no style at all“..Oh well.. I guess they are entitled to their opinions…

So my darling Zinkata readers… what is your style??? Or perhaps if  you may permit me to sink further into this narcissistic rant.. what is my style??

…I had another AHA moment.. I believe the only thing we should worry about is our body shapes and what fashion item flatters it..or works for it.. Once we are clear on that.. Then..we are free to adorn our bodies..in whatever way our active imaginations take us..


So..I ask again.. why is your style?? …and…. what is mine???

Have a blessed day all!!!

Stay Happy!!!



Ezinne Chinkata

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