What we should learn from Prince’s passing.

Apr 22, 2016 | Fashion

I was attending to a really nice customer at Zinkata.. She looked at her phone and muttered under her breath, “Wow Prince died?” to which I exclaimed in real dramatic fashion “Which Prince???!!”.. and rushed to my lap-top and instagram simultaneously to verify the information.

Alas..it was true. My phone started beeping with messages from close friends/family; hitting me up to discuss it!! They all knew of my mini-obsession with “The Artist”, formerly known as Prince.

My first awareness of Prince was via the Purple Rain Movie, as a green highly inquisitive 5 year old residing in Kano (Northern Nigeria).. I was electrified!! Literally so! There he was..blaring out these melodious  “in-appropriate” lyrics for my 5 year old ears while writhing on the floor in creative agony and amazing skin tight leather pants!!It was Something!! I totally got him!! I did!!



.. ..and this I have expressed countless times to all who cared to listen.. “Oh I love Prince”.. Oh he is fantastic.. and on and on” … His death brought many bitter sweet memories and regrets and a lesson.. I shall move forward with:

1. If  you are inspired or find someone super exciting/Interesting.. Explore your interest to the max! Read up more about them.. Go for their live performances!! Be super informed

2. It doesn’t matter how long we live on Earth but how well and how much we impact on the people around us.

3. Do not wait for the perfect moment to do whatever your soul yearns for.. Start now..

4. Hold on tightly to your authenticity/Uniqueness.. It is the only thing you have that sets you apart from everyone else!

5. Death is a natural occurrence and we shall all leave this earth someday…Make sure you live an upright life!

Rest in Peace Prince!!




Ezinne Chinkata

Image Credit: http://www.gablescinema.com/events/purple-rain/



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