May 26, 2016 | Beauty, Fashion, WIWT

How was your day??? I hope we are all happy and rested from our respective pursuits..Mine was quite productive.. My darling dad turned 80 on the 12th of May and everyone’s (family) around for some sort of Family thanksgiving .. So it’s been quite a hectic period of family squabbles and planning! All pretty exhilarating I must say!!

I am so glad my dad is 80 and healthy.. I wish us all so much more.. Good health, happy lives and the strength to celebrate…

..with grateful and blissful feelings encompassing  me.. I tackled all my tasks today dilligently.I had quite a lot of work runs today and I very happily set off dressed in jeans, a blouse and heels..I think my hairstyle sort of influences my style choices… as I find myself quite excited to get dressed now..

Tip 1: Switch up your hairstyle totally once in a while. It would serve as a much needed style boost.
IMG_9974 IMG_9975 IMG_9978 IMG_9990 IMG_9992 IMG_9993


I can’t wait for tomorrow.. It is going to be a really amazing day for us all!!

…..the Lord has ordained it!

Have a good night… and an even greater day tomorrow…

Yours earnestly…

Ezinne Chinkata

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