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May 10, 2020 | Fashion, Inspirational

Hello Everyone,

How are we doing in these  uncertain times?  I trust we are all coping and getting all the help we need. Sending us all positive vibes.

Last week I learnt a really meaningful lesson and thought to share.My week started off a little tough.I struggled with staying productive and by Wednesday, I was almost resigned to the conclusion that I hadn’t had a productive week. My to-do list had so many unchecked boxes and I was totally un-motivated. I did my best to do some work but I was not entirely efficient. Wednesday evening, still the same story.

..and then it was Thursday, and I woke up super-charged and motivated.  I woke up super early, and ticked off all my big tasks very efficiently. Friday, same story, I was even better and pushed out almost everything on my list!.. and just like that..I had an amazing week but it certainly didn’t feel like that on Wednesday when I was “sad and dejected”. This shouldn’t have been the case. I could have played it differently.. I could have acknowledged that I was having a hard time of it, not quite hitting my targets and kept a calm head. The angst and agony only made things worse.

This lesson can also trickle into different aspects of our lives. We really should always keep a positive turn on things, even when we hit a bad turn. The Corona epidemic has many entrepreneurs, businesses and workers worried about their businesses, worried about the sales they are not making and worried about countless factors. Let’s not focus on what’s going wrong at the moment, but focus on where we want to go and keep trying.. “baby steps”.  Keep hope alive, keep your brand alive and keep pushing, even if it’s a tiny little crawl or no progress at all. The next curve may just be your jackpot!..and while the times are tough, stay strong and resilient and ride it through. We shall not be defeated.

Keep at it. Please do.


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Ezinne Chinkata

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