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A major part of Zinkata’s mission statement is  to “stock unique/individual fashion pieces sourced from all over the world“.. Expanding on this concept :

We are  now stocking Nigerian Brands!!

Currently, we stock 4 Nigerian brands, each bringing it’s special brand and design aesthetic to the store. All garments are tastefully finished and expertly crafted.


More about the designers:


1.Gozel Green

Gozel Green is a Nigerian Design label owned by identical twin sisters Ngozi and Chinelo … In a really short time span, they have carved out a niche for themselves with fun off-beat cuts and  pretty boho vibes.

Gozel Green at LFDW 2014

Gozel Green at LFDW 2014

Ezinne Chinkata in Gozel Green

Ezinne Chinkata in Gozel Green


1.Name: Gozel Green

2: Location: Gozel Green is a Lagos-based brand

3: Your design Aesthethic:  Our design aesthetics stemmed from our individual story-telling processes inspired by our art-loving parents, environment and diversified culture in the eastern part of NIGERIA; Enugu where folklore was told, dramas enacted, poems and music and dance performed. These gave birth to our aesthetic as seen as Artistic, Originality and Timelessness.

4: Who is the Gozel Green Woman? A Gozel Green’s average woman is Fearless. She is a trendsetter, she is not afraid to try out new things. She’s a woman who can step out in pyjamas and still look good and confident without apologies. She is classy , stylish and vibrant.

5: What is Style? Style to us is a way of life, it’s an everyday affair. It’s an attitude that cannot be forced. We are all uniquely made, and Yes! there’s always a sense of style within you so find your style and make it work for you!

2.Orente Ayaba

Following a very successful outing at the Lagos Fashion and Design week, Orente Ayaba’s unique prints and classic styles make her one of our favorites.



Ezinne Chinkata in Orente Ayaba

Ezinne Chinkata in Orente Ayaba


1.Label Name: Orente Ayaba

2.Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

3.Average Orenteayaba Woman:  We cut across a wide age range but mostly  from 25 years and above.

4.What Does style mean to Orente Ayaba? Style means comfort, elegance,and poise.
Meaning you have to be comfortable to carry out whatever style you are wearing and elegant enough to pull it off.

5.What is your Design Aesthetic: A Tripple “E” modern woman ; with an Eclectic,Elegant and Ethnic flair/style.


3. Chidinma Obairi

A Chidinma Obairi piece is  an intriguing combination of luxurious fabrics, exciting sparkle and classically feminine design.

Chidinma Obairi SS 2015 Lookbook

Chidinma Obairi SS 2015 Lookbook

Ezinne Chinkata in Chidinma Obairi

Ezinne Chinkata in Chidinma Obairi

1.Label Name: Chidinma Obairi

2.Where are you based:Lagos, Nigeria.

3.What is your design Aesthetic? Evening wear for special occasions. The perfect reflection of elegance, Glamour, sensuality, romanticism, sophistication and femininity.

4.Who’s the average Chidinma Obairi woman:The Chidinma Obairi woman is feminine, sophisticated, confident and embodies a true sense of identity. She does not do fashion, but is fashion herself.

5.What does style mean to you: Style to me means having the creativity and confidence to create fashion that means something to me and represents who I am.


4. Meena 

Uju Offiah is the Creative Director of Meena, she’s also a former protégée of  Ituen Basi. Meena has steadily won the Nigerian woman over with her love for architectural design and sharp sexy silhouettes.

Meena at LFDW 2014

Meena at LFDW 2014

Ezinne Chinkta in Meena

Ezinne Chinkta in Meena

1.Label name: Meena

2.Base: Lagos, Nigeria

3.Design Aesthetic: Modern feminity, architectonic undertone, sophisticated clean cuts and confident minimalism

4.Average Meena Woman: The average Meena woman is ageless

5.Definition of style: Freedom of expression and individualistic


All the Designers mentioned in this post are currently stocking at Zinkata!


Pay us a Visit!!

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Have a blessed week!!!


Yours Sincerely,

Ezinne Chinkata

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