Zinkata Styling: EQUI BOTANICS

Nov 18, 2016 | Beauty, Fashion

Three months ago, I styled a photo-shoot for Ekwy Nnene. She was getting set to launch “EQUI BOTANICS” : A full line of amazing products specially modified to help African hair thrive in it’s natural state. It was quite a roller-coaster period for me,  as the shoot was set to hold in England and I had to sort of put it together amidst a truly hectic schedule. Still, I didn’t fail to notice Ekwy’s truly contagious passion and her dogged pride in the beauty of African hair.

Pictured below is Ekwy in a photo from the shoot. I also had the pleasure of getting her to speak briefly about her journey and the pride of place Equi Botanics would soon be taking in the beauty industry.





Meet Ekwy – the face behind the soon-to-launch EQUI Botanics dedicated to inspiring you reclaim your hair freedom.

 Ekwy Nnene: “Seven years ago, I had the misfortune of losing a bunch of hair on my crown after a dodgy weave-on episode, leaving a single bald patch. Well, that episode led to years of frustration and depression over my hair, what used to be my glorious crown. Overwhelmed by the confusion in the marketplace and in-effective products, I read scientific journals and mixed ingredients at home, failing woefully and then succeeding in not only managing my hair easily but also retaining length up to waist length for my daughters and bra strap length for me. EQUI Botanics is for the discerning woman who knows that although she can postpone, avoid or ignore hair care for a while there isn’t a substitute for reclaiming her hair freedom”.


I am so excited about this product!..and can’t wait to be able to test it on my budding tresses! Keep clicking on zinkata.com for more photos of the photo-shoot and a chance to see her lovely daughters and their glorious manes!!


You’re invited to join Ekwy’s story on what promises to be an adventure on www.equibotanics.com or follow her on instagram: @ i_am_equi.


Ezinne Chinkata

Image Credit:

Photography: Anna Fayemi

Styling: Ezinne Chinkata for Zinkata

Make-up: Becks Buki @becksbuki

Hair: Enitan: @eniagidee

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